Wellbeing at Work Playbook

Having access to all latest science-based wellbeing content is more important now than ever. The Wellbeing Playbook is your company blueprint for good health and wellbeing based on the latest scientific research.

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What is the Wellbeing Playbook?

Designed with your logo and branding, the Playbook provides content on sleep, mental health, resilience, self-care, the immune system, remote working, energy, fitness, body composition, digestive health, life changes, connection, travel hacks, weight management and more. Many companies include this as part of employee induction packs and company culture books, such is its impact on employee wellbeing.

The Problems


In every business, time is a very valuable asset. Most people do not have the time to research, prioritise and execute on their health and wellbeing. Having everything in one place saves time and avoids frustration.

Working Remotely

The merging of work and home means employees are facing challenges to their wellbeing that may be new to them. The Wellbeing At Work Playbook is a resource that can inform and inspire and provide valuable content in a highly accessible form.

Information Overload

Most of us suffer from this, particularly in the wellbeing space where there is so much conflicting information. Having everything in one place creates clarity, saves time and reduces frustration.

Mental Health

According to a survey by Ipsos Mori, 1/5 people are worried about mental illnesses. Education is key to ensuring people stay well. With mental health costing the UK £94bn per annum, its vital to invest in your people and ensure they stay well.

Culture of Wellbeing

Many companies have a remote or hybrid working policy, and this can pose challenges to a culture of wellbeing. Creating a Wellbeing Playbook is a positive statement from your leadership team that wellbeing is strongly valued at the company and that you’re committed to providing resources that enable your teams to manage their wellbeing.

How Does it Work?

Bespoke wellbeing at work Playbook

You provide us with your logo and we do the rest. We understand the wellbeing challenges faced by teams but we also work with you to ensure it reflects your branding, culture and the nuances of how your organisation works. The Wellbeing At Work Playbook is professionally designed with hyperlinks to other resources or scientific studies. It’s been described as a ‘manual for good wellbeing that I always have by my side’.

Bodyshot have been instrumental in demonstrating to our employees the importance of wellbeing. Bodyshot have shown our employees, many of whom travel and work away from home, that good wellbeing can be achieved even when you’re out of your regular routine.

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