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Our wellbeing at work audit helps you understand what the issues you have across the entire organisation around energy, performance and wellbeing. Our comprehensive report gives you actionable insights into key areas affecting workplace performance, identifying where you need to focus your resources to improve health and wellbeing at work. Making sure you get ROI on your wellbeing spend.

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What is the Wellbeing at Work Audit?

The Audit includes a survey that goes out to the whole organisation to understand what the issues are around energy, performance and wellbeing. We use qualitative and quantitative data to product a robust and comprehensive report that identifies where you need to focus your resources.

The Problems


Understanding what the challenges are within your organisation. Do you understand how your workforce are feel about their wellbeing? Are you aware of the issues the workforce face?


How do you know whether you’re getting ROI on your existing wellbeing spend? Do you know how effective your current strategy is and can you easily identify where to put further investment?

Employee engagement and retention

Do you have strategies for measuring engagement and retention? Do you know why employees stay with you and why they leave? It costs £30,000 to hire a new employee in the UK so increasing your employee engagement rate through corporate wellness strategies can quickly pay for itself.

Attracting new talent into your business

The days where companies would compete on corner offices, salaries, bonuses and company cars are over. Wellbeing is rapidly becoming a competitive advantage. Don’t lose out on the next big thing because you can’t compete.

Knowing where to start

The Audit Report will help you prioritise the short, medium and long-term objectives. You can base your investment of time and money on what needs doing first and achieve some quick wins.

How Does it Work?

Health and wellbeing at work survey

Bodyshot design and create a survey that goes out to everyone (or a subset of people) in the organisation. We also interview members of the HR team and conduct interviews with key people to get a personal feel for the issues in the business as they relate to wellbeing. This is an important first step as it can ensure subsequent spend is directly related to the issues rather than a perception of what the issues and challenges are.


The Audit achieved exactly what I hoped and expected, in that it identified areas of issue that needed our attention. Interestingly, the identified issues were entirely unexpected and where we thought we might find problems of low morale, we didn’t. It was pleasing to see that our work and spend to date has encouraged an overall positive level of morale and wellbeing. But there are clearly areas – unexpected areas – that needed more focus. Thanks to the results you helped us identify, we are able to target our limited budget in the right direction.

Sue Lyster

Executive-in-Charge, ILM

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