Friday 5th February

Webinar: Mentoring and Wellbeing: Connecting hearts and minds for employee engagement

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Wellbeing is a competitive advantage

One thing the global pandemic has thrown into the light for any organisation is the importance of their peoples’ wellbeing. Mentally and physically, 2020 was a lot for us all. With yet more change and uncertainty in our futures, wellbeing is at the top of the agenda. 

So what can organisations do to support their employees? And what role can mentoring play?

Leanne Spencer will be in conversation with Antoinette Oglethorpe, founder of Antoinette Oglethorpe Ltd,  Antoinette is an award-winning speaker, bestselling author, consultant and coach. Her company specialises in career management and mentoring. 

We’ll be discussing the intersection between wellbeing and mentoring, and why a hearts and minds approach to employee wellbeing is essential for organisations to not only survive but to thrive. The health and wellbeing of your people IS the health and wellbeing of your business. We will also be looking at the importance of connection and conversation in supporting employee wellbeing and the powerful role mentors have to play in supporting their people.

In this practical and interactive webinar we’ll be discussing:

  • How much of wellbeing is down to physical factors and how much is psychological?
  • What is the responsibility of organisations and managers to employee wellbeing?
  • What does it mean to lead with wellbeing?
  • What place does mentoring have in supporting wellbeing?
  • What is the most important thing that organisations, managers and employees should do to maintain wellbeing during the pandemic? And what about mentors?
  • How do managers and mentors role model positive behaviours around wellbeing?

We’d love for you to join the conversation and share the challenges you are facing in your organisation when it comes to employee wellbeing as well as the strategies you have adopted to positive effect.

Places are limited so sign up now.

What’s included

Each participant will receive a free eBook “M-Power – A Practical Guide to Mentoring in the Workplace” and the Crisis Recovery Report


HR Directors, HR Managers, Heads of People, Wellbeing Managers, Heads of Talent, Organisational Development Managers, Learning and Development Professionals, Mentoring Programme Co-Ordinators


11:00 on Friday 5th February 2021

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Greg Simidian

Leanne was the ‘opener’ keynote speaker at our annual client conference. It is hard to put into words the profound effect she had on our near 100 delegates. Leanne delivered her message/experience with such passion, expertise and skill – it lifted the room and set the energy level for the next two days. I am now personally starting work with Bodyshot after meeting and seeing Leanne in action. I cannot recommend Leanne any higher, exceptional stuff

Greg Simidian

CEO Perfect Information Limited

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