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Webinar: Effective Communication for Difficult Topics like Burnout at Work

Effective Communication for Difficult Topics like Burnout at Work

Wellbeing is a competitive advantage

Leanne Spencer, corporate wellbeing and burnout expert was in conversations with Craig Smith owner and lead consultant at The Big Picture People, specialist in employee engagement and internal communications. In this practical and informative webinar, they talk about the tough stuff, helping leaders and manager open up and start having effective conversations around the harder people topics such as burnout.

We cover:

  • What’s the role of leaders in prioritising the wellbeing of their teams?
  • Why do leaders and managers find it hard to talk about people issues compared to ‘harder’ issues?
  • What does burnout look like – in yourself and in others?
  • How can organisations start to have conversations about difficult matters like burnout?
  • How can companies protect their teams against burnout?
  • What techniques work well for opening up conversations and dialogue around ‘harder to reach’ topics?


HR Directors, HR Managers, Heads of People, Wellbeing Managers, Internal Communications.

Greg Simidian

Leanne was the ‘opener’ keynote speaker at our annual client conference. It is hard to put into words the profound effect she had on our near 100 delegates. Leanne delivered her message/experience with such passion, expertise and skill – it lifted the room and set the energy level for the next two days. I am now personally starting work with Bodyshot after meeting and seeing Leanne in action. I cannot recommend Leanne any higher, exceptional stuff

Greg Simidian

CEO Perfect Information Limited

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