What is total health optimisation?

We all want to live a long and healthy life. To do so, we need to focus on six key signals of health and wellbeing: sleep, mental health, energy, body composition, digestive health and fitness. Total health optimisation is understanding how each of these signals interrelate, then taking pre-emptive action to ensure that you stay in good health. This is holistic health in practice.

The problems

As a busy professional you probably don’t have time to spend researching the latest science or working out what to do. Time is your precious commodity and there are many other demands being made on it. You might be suffering from a lack of quality sleep, and due to ongoing stress levels, your mental health might be worrying you. You might suffer from anxiety for the first time, or the effects of chronic stress such as unexplained aches and pains or headaches. Your energy levels might be low, and your body composition, digestive health and fitness are suffering as a result. Ultimately, you’re worried about your health and whether you’re doing lasting damage to your mind and body by ignoring the problems.

How to achieve total health optimisation

The first thing is nutrition. What you eat will have a profound impact on every aspect of your health. Eating a diet that is personal to you is so important for sleep, mental health, energy, body composition, digestion and fitness. Eating a diet based on your unique DNA will enable you to optimise your health, fitness and wellbeing, and nourish your mind.

The second thing relates to hormones, vitamins and minerals. Using a simple, painless home blood kit, we test for over 15 markers including cholesterol, iron, vitamin D3, HbA1C (diabetes), liver performance, thyroid, testosterone and vitamin B12. We can quickly address these issues by testing to see if levels are out of range and supplementing where required.

The third thing is fixing any issues that reside in the gut. A lack of microbial diversity in the gut has been linked with depression, mood disorders, autoimmune conditions such as eczema and asthma and even autism. The THO product includes a comprehensive gut test and a consultation with a functional medicine practitioner to review the results. We also include a course of kefir as part of the package to repopulate your gut with good bacteria.

The fourth thing is recovery. Often, it’s not a lack of exercise or movement that hinders someone’s health and fitness; it’s a lack of recovery. The gains (physiological adaptations) we get from exercise come in the recovery periods, aided by hydration, nutrition and sleep. It’s hard to pick up on the signals the body sends us sometimes, and we’ve become good at ignoring them. You will be given an intelligent piece of wearable tech called an Oura ring to help you pace yourself. The Oura ring tracks your sleep and activity data and gives you a readiness score so you can understand how recovered you are from the stress you’re under.

The fifth thing is looking at the mind and body in a holistic way. This means focusing on how each component of health interrelates with the other. Our unique Six Signals® Methodology looks at sleep, mental health, energy, body composition, digestion and fitness so we can understand exactly what’s going on. The DNA and blood tests remove all the guesswork from your health.

The final thing is make it personal. Forget about outdated one-size-fits-all approaches, or what’s worked for your colleague / friend / partner – we all respond differently and have different sensitivities. DNA testing will highlight exactly the right type of nutrition and exercise that you respond to based on your unique genes, so you can make the most of your valuable time. Our programs focus on creating a tailored plan that’s all about you.

Bodyshot Total Health Optimisation Package

We have brought together everything you need to optimise your mind, body and wellbeing, in one package. The Total Health Optimisation Package includes the DNA test for diet and fitness combined with a non-invasive blood test panel for over 15 key markers including cholesterol, iron, vitamin D3, HbA1C (diabetes), liver performance, thyroid, testosterone and vitamin B12. The Oura ring for sleep monitoring, activity tracking and recovery is also included.

Once we’ve received the results of your DNA and blood test, we arrange a suitable time for the consultation which takes place online and lasts approximately 60 minutes. In the consultation, we analyse your results, explain what everything means and draw up a personalised action plan.

Our Total Health Optimisation Package includes access to our Six Signals® Course: optimise your mind, body and wellbeing, an online product containing over 2.5 hours of quality content and a resource you can keep and come back to whenever you need a refresh or additional motivation.

What you get:

DNA test for diet and fitness
Gut Test
Oura ring
Custom Blood Panel
Six Signals® Online Course Access
Consultation with a Health Expert