Thrive In Five: Tips to Mitigate Corona Exposure

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This Week’s Thrive In Five Is 3 Tips to Mitigate Corona Exposure Without Compromising My Mental Health

We are in the process of addressing the lockdown restrictions and things are tightening up a little bit at the time of recording. So I thought I’d share with you some really interesting insight, I got from a scientist, a couple of months ago. She was discussing what her criteria are for making decisions on going out, where she was going to go and how long she’d spend there for example. This is what I’m living by, in terms of how I’m going to mitigate my exposure to Corona, and how I am trying to not be part of this infection rate. Keep myself healthy, and of course, keep other people healthy also.

Three Tips to Mitigate Corona Exposure

What she recommends you consider before agreeing to that meeting or that event are:

  1. What is the airflow like in the place you’re going to?
  2. How many people are going to be there?
  3. How long do I intend to be there?

What is the airflow like in the place you’re going to?

So are the windows open or can they be opened, is it outdoors? Is it a small, tight space or a big hall? All of that all factor into my decision.

How many people are going to be there?

Obviously at the moment we are not supposed to socialise with more than six people. So that’s the key determining factor. If it’s a meeting at an office, I’ll take a view how many people are going to be in that office, because there currently aren’t so many regulations around that.

How long do I intend to be there?

Or how long has the event, how long a may I be kept there. That would be another key decision factor.

So the 3 top tips to mitigate corona exposure are airflow, number of people, how long I intend to be there, or how long the event is scheduled to run for. And depending on the answers to those questions. I’ll take a view on it.

Now, personally, I am thinning out my diary a little bit. I’m not overreacting, but I’m just anticipating where this might go and do my best to keep myself and others healthy without compromising my mental health. So I’m not shutting myself off from socialising because I know that would impact me. I’m still committing to things, doing things and enjoy things.

I hope that that’s been helpful in sharing what I am doing with you and see if that may influence your behaviour at all. That of course is entirely up to you. I thought those insights from that scientist were really interesting in terms of how to make a decision. As always stay healthy!

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