Thrive In Five – The Power Pose

Woman in a field in the power pose

In this week’s Thrive In Five it’s all about the ‘Power Pose’. 

This is a simple technique that only takes two minutes, anyone can do it anywhere and you get some incredible hormonal benefits.

For example:

You get a 25% decrease in your cortisol levels – so if you’re feeling stressed or want to calm the body and become more parasympathetic dominant then you to the power pose.

You also get a 20% increase in testosterone, which is really important for energy.

That’s an incredible return for a simple two minute exercise.


Here’s how you do the ‘Power Pose’

You stand with your legs slightly apart, chest open, arms outstretched, your chin slightly up.

Think Robbie Williams at Knebworth. Love him or hate him that’s the kind of pose you want to be adopting and you’ll get those benefits.

So that’s a 20% increase in testosterone, 25% decrease in cortisol. 

Additionally if you’re really holding the arms out across the chest and giving the chest a stretch. You’ll get a little tingle feeling, especially after two minutes and that’s endorphins, that’s a nice extra bang for your buck as well. A nice tingly feeling of the hormones interacting with our pain receptors called endorphins. 

It’s called the Power Pose and you may have heard of this from a Ted Talk with Amy Puddy

There’s a ton of science that’s behind this and lots of research gone into it, so it’s a very effective way to energising yourself. 


When might you use the Power Pose’?

Anytime you want to energise the body.

Anytime you want to reduce cortisol in your blood.

Perhaps in between zoom meetings, at the beginning of your day, or prior to an exercise session.

Perhaps just to stand up and stretch the body and enjoy the feeling. 

So have a go and let us know how you get on! 

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