Thrive In Five: How to Energise Your Zoom Meetings

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This Weeks Thrive In Five Is All About How to Energise Your Zoom Meetings.

All of us are doing lots and lots of zoom meetings at the moment. Some of us are even more sedentary than we are in the normal working day when we commute to an office. So how can we energise zoom meetings to make them more exciting, more dynamic, but also get a bit more energy into that meeting and try and make people a little bit pithier.

Perhaps you’ve got someone who walks around the topic or likes sound of their voice, here’s how you can shorten meeting times shorten the time that each individual takes to speak.

Say Hello To The Pelican Rule!

You have a simple rule whoever’s speaking in a meeting, stands on one leg, the “Pelican rule”. It’s just a bit of fun, so whoever is speaking stands on one leg. When they finish speaking, they put that foot down, back on two legs again. What you’ll find is that people will get to the point a bit more. It’ll inject a bit more energy into the meeting because they’re having to support their own body weight. They’re a little bit more vibrant and effervescent, and it just brings a bit of fun to a meeting.

Hey, are you doing the Pelican rule? Are you on one leg?

Default to Standing Meetings

The default should be to conduct standing meetings, any meeting less than 60 minutes should be standing. Also the Pelican Rule can be applied to any meeting not just Zoom meetings. So when you go back to face to face meetings, why not stand on one leg and just see what difference that makes to an otherwise tedious meeting.

So the “Pelican Rule” is a simple idea, easy to implement, also it’s a little bit of fun! Let us know how you get on with it. Good luck implementing that in your zoom meetings. In fact, all your meetings. And of course stay healthy.

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