Thrive In Five: Breathwork

woman in forest doing breathwork

This Week’s Thrive In Five Is About Breathwork

This is the first in this series of Thrive in Fives that we’re putting out for March. This series focuses on ways that you can change your happiness levels and change your physiology. We’re really gearing this up around the International Day of Happiness on the 20th of March.

So this week I am talking about breathing. Breathwork is something I’ve talked about before, but it’s so important, democratically available to everyone, free, and we do it every single day anyway!

So I’m going to keep this simple and we’re going to do it together.

Benefits of breathwork on the body

Breathwork has three clear benefits:

  • It can help reduce cortisol in the blood. In other words, reduce my stress levels.
  • It can help reduce my blood pressure
  • It can noticeably reduce my resting heart rate in as little as 60 seconds.

All I do is sitting or standing, I’ll close my eyes, big breath in hold for a second, and then a long exhalation.

Try and allow thoughts just to come and go and not focus on anything but the sound and the feel of your breath.

Breathwork is one of the most powerful ways that you can change your physiology that I’ve come across. So please give that a try and look out for the next four videos that we’ll be sharing across the month of March on how you can improve happiness and physiology.

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