The surprising results of my recent gut test – and why I will be regularly testing from now on – with Dr Christine Rosche


I was recently introduced to Dr Christine Rosche, a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist and Digestive health expert, by Ryan Munsey when I interviewed him for my podcast. I set up a call with Dr Rosche and she sent me a stool test via Fedex, which I did. (Trust me, it’s not as messy as it sounds). Now, I’ll say at the outset that my fitness is very good, and I am healthy. I don’t have any physical or mental health issues at the moment. The only thing I do have is a persistent cough, which I’ve had for a number of years and almost learned to live with. If I’m honest, I was intrigued, but I didn’t think that this was going to show up anything particularly interesting or anything of concern.

All the latest science shows that there are profound links between the gut and the rest of the body. Many call the gut the brain or command and control centre of the body. What functional medicine practitioners like Dr Rosche do is treat the gut as well as the problem area, as the belief is that many of the common issues we have such as auto-immune conditions, depression and even autism could stem from gut health. That’s why I thought this would be a fascinating test and podcast episode.

When the results came back, I was very surprised to see that there are a few things that are not good in my gut, which was curious, because they haven’t stopped me from doing things. I had no symptoms, there was nothing that was causing me to investigate my gut health, beyond setting the scene for this podcast episode. I was fascinated. Dr Rosche and I went through my results, there were three key findings; I don’t have enough of a bacteria called Lactobacillus, so we’ll be supplementing to get more of that into my diet. I have an over-prevalence of a bacteria called Citrobacter Freundii, which is a form of bad bacteria, so I’ll be working hard to get that out of my gut.

The last or most surprising thing was I actually have a yeast infection called Candida, which is caused by excess sugar and is fed by sugar and is eliminated by cutting sugar out of your diet. That was the big one for me. Now, I had no idea I have that, but one of the side effects of Candida is gut inflammation, and inflammation can cause problems with mental and physical health, and is a situation we really want to avoid. I had no idea I had any of these conditions, and that’s the point: we need to regularly test our digestion and gut. So check out this podcast.  I think you’re going to find this absolutely fascinating.

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