The Powerful Intersection of Purpose, Energy and Resilience with Bestselling Author Ben Renshaw


How are purpose, energy, and resilience interrelated? How do they impact individuals and organisations? Bestselling Author Ben Renshaw shares stories and insights on the powerful intersection of these three things.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The definition of purpose

  • Purpose in the context of leadership

  • What drives purpose

  • The three key characteristics at the core of resilience

  • Where people get their resilience from

  • The energy crisis within organisations and individuals

Key Takeaways:

  • There is no one single definition that you can put your hat on when it comes to purpose. However, there are some themes that are absolutely consistent that run throughout the definitions and one of them is meaning.

  • Everybody has their own personal philosophy in life, but it’s absolutely fundamental and within our gift to assign meaning to what happens for us. From an individual perspective, meaning is fundamental.

  • How we connect in today’s age is split between technology and relationships, and at the heart of relationships is the need for people to have a sense of belonging. As a result, purpose plays into that.

  • We have a great capacity for adversity as human beings, and when we can learn and grow with that and actually come back stronger and better, that’s a real mark of resilience in action.

  • Energy is a fundamental ingredient for our existence, and you can draw a huge amount of energy and sustenance from your own sense of purpose. Therefore, keeping yourself on purpose has a great impact on your energy.

  • Before you make external changes, you need to address what’s going on internally.

  • When you look at human motivation, the deepest need is to have a sense of value and to be recognised. Well, every day, you’ve got the opportunity to value someone else, to recognise them, so start there.

Action Steps:

  • Explore: When are you at your best? And what do you really need to be at your best over time?

  • Find out for yourself where you get your resilience from and reflect: Where are you today, and where would you like to be? What’s the gap? Find one or two things that you really want to focus on that will support your resilience.

  • Make energy a learning curve by reflecting on where you get your energy from and what energises you.

Ben said:

“When you’re really on purpose, there’s an effortless quality about it. It’s not that you have to really try hard. It may take a huge amount of effort to get there but I think when you have that level of awareness, you are then more likely to experience a state of flow…”

“There is always a psychological contract between an organisation and an individual… As an individual, do not rely on the organisation. Take ownership for your own well-being. Yes, the organisation has a responsibility, but at the end of that day, that’s within your gift.”

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