Podcast Interview: The Importance of Wellbeing Within an Organisation

Leanne Spencer head shot and illustration of craig smith. Engaging internal comms The Importance of Wellbeing Within an Organisation

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Craig Smith, owner of The Big Picture People, and host of the Engaging Internal Comms podcast. A show for employee engagers and internal communicators to keep up to date on the latest in our industry. In this episode, we discuss the importance of wellbeing within an organisation. The pandemic has thrown into the light how important it is to ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of their staff both in the office and when working remotely. It’s being discovered that this not only improves the individual’s performance but the organisation’s too.

Topics covered in this podcast:

  • What is ‘scar tissue’ following major disruption within an organisation?
  • The importance for organisations to react to the impact this global trauma has had on its employees 
  • What does “lead with wellbeing” as an organisation actually mean?
  • A wellbeing strategy needs to touch every aspect of the business
  • Building your new normal

This is a not-to-be-missed episode of Engaging Internal Comms for organisations and managers who wish to create a culture of happy, healthy and resilient teams.

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