The Importance of Social Connections – Celebrating 100 Episodes!


How important are social connections to our health and longevity? What better way to address this topic than with my colleagues here at Bodyshot as we celebrate our 100th episode!

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The impact of social connections on health and longevity
  • What having a deep connection means
  • Social media interaction versus interaction in person
  • The importance of the human touch
  • The need for belonging
  • Contribution and volunteering

Key Takeaways:

  • People always think that eating well and exercising is all you need to do to be healthy and have longevity, but actually, having strong social connections and meaningful relationships is really, really important.
  • Building real, deep connections takes time, trust, and vulnerability.
  • From the Human Longevity Project that was done, one of the major components of what leads to health and happiness is belonging to a community or a tribe and having meaningful human connections.
  • There is an energetic exchange when you have a genuine interaction with somebody physically, in person, which you cannot get online.
  • Connection is a felt sense that you get in person, not something that happens over a discussion or over thoughts.
  • We should be having seven good, proper hugs a day. And it’s this lack of human touch that’s having a significant impact on the way that people feel and their mental health.

Action Steps:

  • Have meaningful relationships in your life.
  • Give and receive at least seven good, proper hugs a day.
  • Consider connecting with people through meetups.
  • Do volunteer work.

Antonia said:

“In order to start being sociable… you have to be confident within yourself or at ease with yourself… As long as you’re not comfortable within yourself, you cannot make any social connection, true, meaningful connection.”

Bryan said:

“When I realised that everyone is uncomfortable, everyone is unsure, no one knows what they’re doing, that made me feel more comfortable… I understood that although I feel vulnerable and exposed in a social situation, so does everybody else.”

Thanks for listening!

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