The health of your leaders is the health of your business


Employee Assistance Programs and Occupational Health are excellent strategies for helping employees when they become stressed, sick or generally unwell or unable to perform their duties. I believe, these are valued and important services that form part of the duty of care that an employer should show their people.

These services tend to only be used once a problem has developed, and that’s where I think companies are missing a trick when it comes to wellbeing. A robust wellbeing strategy should include a preventative – or put another way, a proactive strategy as well to measures for when things go wrong.

Examples of this include, training at all levels of the organisation on the basic principles of health and wellbeing, which to my mind are primarily sleep, mental health and energy. An online solution which educates teams on these topics is scalable and can cost as little as £15 per head.

Blended solutions such as the online course accompanied by workshops is highly effective for line managers who are responsible for teams. The workshops educate managers on what to look for if a team member is struggling, and how best to handle the situation, as well as promoting good practices to stay well.

At the top, leaders should be visibly prioritising their own wellbeing and promoting this through their actions wherever possible. Establishing a culture of wellbeing in an organisation will never happen if the leadership team don’t embrace it, so training and even coaching at the top level is also important.

The health of your leaders is the health of your business, and ensuring the leadership team are firing on all cylinders means you can achieve growth targets, attract and retain talent, win awards and have people queuing up to join your organisation.

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