The Corporate Athlete: Be Ready for the Rigours of Daily Life

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What is a corporate athlete? What does it take to be one? Learn your way to becoming a corporate athlete and overcoming the rigours of daily life.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • How to improve aspects of your wellbeing that you haven’t thought so much about
  • The areas you can focus on to try and represent that corporate athlete idea
  • Eustress vs Distress
  • Examples of eustress
  • Sympathetic dominance vs parasympathetic dominance
  • Practicing heartfulness
  • The importance of autonomy, variety, and getting connected to your values
  • Effective fat-burning strategies

Key Takeaways:

  • Sleep is probably the most important thing when we’re talking about health. It’s a great place to start for a whole host of health issues.
  • Eustress is when you put your body under positive stress.
  • The ideal blueprint for fitness for most people is something like this: one hard or heavy session once a week, one cardiovascular session once a week, one stretching or flexibility session or a more parasympathetic dominant session once a week.
  • Heartfulness is getting connected to the things that you love doing, getting back to your hobbies, and making sure that you’ve got lots of opportunities for movement.
  • Heartfulness is doing something for other people and feeling a sense of contribution.
  • Feeling like you’re in control of your life is an important part of wellbeing.
  • One of the very effective fat-burning strategies there are for most people is a combination of three things:
  1. Getting up in the morning and going for some fasted cardio, and then getting a cold shower for as long as you can endure. Cold water accelerates fat burning.
  2. Doing intermittent fasting. It isn’t technically a caloric restriction diet. All you’re doing is you’re shrinking the window in which you’re eating food.
  3. Personalising your diet.

Action Steps:

  • Avoid being sleep-starved. Sleep a good amount of quality sleep.
  • Find ways to put your body into eustress.
  • Get into your discomfort zone.
  • Practice active rest and exercise snacking.
  • Don’t neglect the recovery aspect of trying to get fit.
  • Practice heartfulness.
  • Apply fat-burning strategies for weight management.
  • Manage your blood sugar levels.
  • Personalise your diet.

Leanne said:

“Consistency comes when you’re really clear on [your] non-negotiables and also when you’re really wedded to the outcome that you want.”

“That’s the future of health, fitness, and wellbeing — it’s personalisation… Genetic testing, blood testing, gut testing, all that kind of stuff is definitely going to be the future [along with] wearable tech.”

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