The Big Health & Fitness Trends for 2019 with the Bodyshot Team

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What do you think will be the big health and fitness trends for 2019? Leanne, Laura, Antonia, and Bryan of the Bodyshot Team share what they think and give their take on all the good things that we can benefit from these trends.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Cold water therapy or cold thermogenesis

  • Personalised nutrition or personalised diet

  • Living probiotically

  • Bodyweight training and Animal Flow

  • The effect of light on our bodies: natural light versus artificial light

  • Personalised testing and direct-to-consumer testing

  • Breathing, particularly box breathing

  • 3-plane movement

  • High-intensity interval training and CrossFit

  • Home-based fitness

  • Healthy socials

  • Building communities and human connection

Key Takeaways:

  • Cold water therapy or cold thermogenesis improves the lymphatic system and the immune system as well as circulation.

  • A lot of athletes really appreciate ice therapy after doing exercise or playing sports. It’s been known and proven to help reduce muscle inflammation and to help shorten the extent of delayed onset muscle soreness.

  • Cold water therapy is also showing a lot of positive effect on people that suffer from depression.

  • Cold water therapy can help you lose weight by helping your body convert white fat, like the flab around our bellies and around our arms, into brown fat, which is the fat that your body metabolises and actually burns for energy.

  • Living in a probiotic way essentially means avoiding the key things that disrupt the gut, such as gluten, stress, and certain medications, particularly antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and antacids. At the same time, it’s doing things that help the gut bugs flourish and help to get that diversity of the microbiome. So it’s having lots of colourful nutrient-dense vegetables, and fermented foods, making sure our diet is microbiome-friendly.

  • The microbiome is not just in the gut. We have a microbiome on our skin, on our armpits, in our mouth, in our nose, in our eyes, in the vagina, in the lungs, in the heart, everywhere.

  • Animal Flow can increase your mobility and your flexibility as well as strength and endurance.

  • The circadian rhythm is a 24-hour cycle that is involved with everything in the body. It’s not only our wake and sleep cycle, but it’s also our hormone regulator, it’s our cell regulator, it’s our activity regulator, it’s our digestion. So many aspects of our bodies are tied to our circadian rhythm, which is tied to our exposure to natural or artificial light.

  • Artificial light can make you sick, and the science is coming out so we’re able to use certain tools to rectify that and to pay more attention to exposing ourselves to the right kind of light at the right time of day.

  • Depending on what situation you’re in, breath work is a very quick and powerful tool to completely change your state.

Action Steps:

  • Try cold water therapy. An easy way to start is with the shower. Take a hot shower and then just slowly turn the hot water down, as slow as you need to. You can do it one day at a time, going down to lukewarm and then slightly colder day after day until you’re in straight cold water. And then you just need to stand in it for 30 seconds to a minute and then gradually a bit longer up to five to six minutes.

  • Get a DNA test and personalise your diet and nutrition according to your needs.

  • Keep your microbiome healthy by living in a probiotic way.

  • Incorporate body-weight training in your exercise routines.

  • If you’re feeling a bit low in mood or you’re feeling a bit of an energy slump, increase your energy by taking three quick and powerful inhales through the nose, progressively filling up your lungs a bit more with each inhale, and then you exhale out with a sigh through the mouth.

Laura said:

“Microbiome health basically lies at the root of all health. If we don’t have a thriving microbiome, which is essentially like in a rainforest or in a garden… then we can’t really have optimal health. So it really is absolutely critical that we all have a healthy microbiome.”

Antonia said:

“We tend to go into the gym, pick up the weights, or go for a run but forget that we actually have a body that we can use as a resistant too. I would incorporate body-weight training, to use your whole body as a machine rather than just work on individual parts.”

Bryan said:

“I know it sounds horrendous but the health benefits of cold water therapy and cold thermogenesis are just absolutely spectacular, and really deserves a concerted effort to get into it.”

Thanks for listening!

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