The 4-Day Working Week, Leaders of the Future and Changing the Way We Measure Productivity

Lucy Barkas from company, 3WH

Do you believe that people are a company’s greatest asset? Leadership and team development consultant Lucy Barkas works with leaders to embed a culture of people-centricity, team relationships, and high performance. She shares insights from her upcoming book Leader X and talks about how to help GenX leaders to step up, take control, and lead with purpose.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The challenge around wellbeing for employers and employees
  • The importance of time mastery
  • How productivity is being measured in the workplace and why this must change
  • The effect of trust on productivity and performance
  • Heartfulness in the workplace
  • The 4-day working week
  • How to better utilise your time
  • Apps that help you work smarter

Key Takeaways:

  • If you’re too busy with work, that demonstrates that you’re not mastering your own time. And if you’re in a leadership position, you’re in a position where everyone is watching you, and if you’re not in control, it creates a kind of chaos.
  • Change in the workplace all starts with the people in leadership positions.
  • People are so institutionalised and so busy that they don’t give the strategic thought that’s required to move to a more flexible and agile workforce.
  • A study has shown that teams with high trust, high engagement, and high morale have a 40% improvement in their performance and productivity.
  • Most managers are only tapping into 60% of human capability because they’re not engaging and not empowering the people working under them.
  • Time mastery is about looking at your time and saying, “What is going to add the most value?” It’s talking to your ego and saying, “Do you really need to be involved in this?”

Action Steps:

  • Master your own time.
  • As a leader, rethink the way you approach performance management. Be clear about what work needs to be done by when and what good looks like.
  • Challenge yourself to think outside the box to move to a more flexible and agile workforce.
  • If you’re a business owner, explore the idea of the 4-day working week.
  • Use technology to work smarter.

Lucy said:

“Let’s get busy but let’s become time masters.”

“When you go into a place of work where people actually care, where they make you feel a sense of belonging like you matter, you feel loved. And when you feel loved and like you really matter, everything in your life just sparkles more.”

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