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“Leanne and the team at Bodyshot Performance have been wonderful to work with. Any challenge we face is always met with great enthusiasm and there is just an energy about them that gets us really excited about what we can achieve in future.”

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Dana Tucker MRN invest in wellbeing testimonial
Dana Tucker, People Advisor

What were the challenges that prompted MRN to invest in wellbeing

Wellbeing has always been paramount to MRN, a fundamental part of the People team’s long term strategy. Unfortunately a lack of dedicated resource and expertise kept us from achieving our goals. Prior to our partnership with Bodyshot Performance we had achieved some small wins and experienced some of the benefits of focussing on Wellbeing. It’s safe to say that 2020 and early 2021 was a challenging time for everyone and it was clear that this was the time to focus on what we value the most – MRN’s people. We always aspired to do bigger and better and this was our opportunity to bring implement a lead with wellbeing strategy.

"It is now a normal activity to have Wellbeing Inductions for new starters"

How has investing in a wellbeing strategy changed the business

First and foremost it has put a definitive spotlight on wellbeing, it is now normal for wellbeing to be a topic of conversation week in, week out. All employees, managers and senior leaders are talking about it in one way or another. Employees and Managers know what to expect and now have a better understanding of what we offer as a business to support individuals’ wellbeing. Bodyshot Performance have enabled us to better plan and structure our wellbeing initiatives, they have come up with fantastic ideas and supported us with what we feel we need most at any given time. Whilst we have made fantastic progress over the past 13 months with Bodyshot Performance, the area of wellbeing is constantly evolving and we look forward to continuing on this journey.

"We always aspired to do bigger and better and this was our opportunity to bring it to the forefront."

What Have MRN Achieved By Implementing a Wellbeing Strategy

We have achieved so much!  It’s now a normal activity to have Wellbeing Inductions for new starters so they know what we offer and then monthly workshops, videos, infographics, newsletters all around specific themes, keeping it varied, fresh and new, all of which have received wonderful feedback. From a People team perspective it has really helped shape our brand, raising the profile of the team as a whole and giving employees a better sense of who they can talk to should they need it, particularly whilst we are working remotely.

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Jessica Nicol client testimonial for Bodyshot Performance wellbeing in the workplace

Leanne and her team took the time to understand our industry and internal culture to offer us a unique tailored option which fitted our budget and requirements. The Workshops were engaging, inspiring, motivating, helpful, tailored and unique.

Jessica Nicol

Managment AAB

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