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Bodyshot began working with Jess and her team in 2017 to reduce absenteeism, boost productivity and create a culture of energy, vitality and performance within the business whilst positioning wellbeing as a competitive advantage. Here is her story in her words.

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Jessica Nicol client testimonial for Bodyshot Performance wellbeing in the workplace
Jessica Nicol, Management AAB

Why did you decide to work with Bodyshot?

Bodyshot approached us following our success in the Best Companies survey and we were really drawn to Leanne’s understanding of our business. Achieving such success in the wellbeing category of the survey was such an achievement for us, something we’re proud of. We really connected with Leanne and the team, and shared views about the importance of wellbeing in the workplace and the role the employer can play.

"We were drawn to Bodyshot's knowledge and the simplicity of the Six Signal® methodology"

What are your strategic goals around wellbeing?

One of our company’s strategic goals is exceptional people, achieving their full potential’ which has a direct impact on the work we do in the HR department. We wanted to raise awareness of the importance of wellbeing in the workplace and encourage our staff to have more knowledge on how to manage their health most effectively. We realise that through wellbeing and people taking care of their health, they can achieve their full potential and we want to support them to be able to do that.

We liked the way Leanne and her team connected this with optimising performance and building resilience which are important skills currently within our organisation linking with our overall strategic goals.

We were also drawn to Bodyshot’s knowledge and the simplicity of the Six Signals® methodology which we felt everyone could take something from no matter their level of prior knowledge.

"In a competitive market for attracting talent, prioritising wellbeing gives us an advantage"

Was it also about retaining your key talent as well as attracting new talent to the business?

Yes, that did play a part in it. A big part of the talent that we are trying to attract is young talent, through the millennial audiences and that group of people are very interested in what you can offer. We are in such a competitive market for attracting talent and it did allow us to be able to offer something different and really show that we do look after our people and care about them. Not just in the work place but within their whole life, as individuals.

What other options did you consider?

The other option we would have considered was developing a training programme internally to ensure this fitted our organisation, particularly the management training sessions. However, Leanne took the time to understand our industry and internal culture to offer us a unique tailored option which fitted our budget and requirements.

"Engaging, inspiring, motivating, helpful, tailored and unique."

What was your experience of working with Bodyshot?

Engaging, inspiring, motivating, helpful, and unique. Also, very tailored to our needs; it was very important that Bodyshot understood our business and particularly the chargeable time environment for example. Most of our staff are in a client-facing role, which is a unique environment to our industry. It was important that Bodyshot understood this aspect of the business and you did. Personally, I found Leanne’s knowledge to be so interesting and engaging, I felt drawn to what she saying, which we knew would come across to our staff and they would feel the same.

No matter what the individual, their own knowledge and their health lifestyle is there would always be something for everyone in what Bodyshot were delivering. Everyone could take something from it. In that way it was very motivating and helpful to anyone that we would be working with.


What’s changed since we started working together? What sort of quick wins and more medium wins have you seen so far?

We now have a more knowledgeable management team equipped to support members of their team and build their personal and team’s operational performance. We also have an effective solution within HR for staff who are experiencing difficulties with their health, which can prevent further absences or the requirement for more specialist support from occupational health. We are always striving to improve our employee’s engagement and working with Bodyshot has given us an effective solution which can benefit everyone.

We’ve also been working on our engagement project, looking at how we can improve our employee engagement and continue to be an even better place to work and attract different people who want to join us.

Launching the course and the newsletter content with Bodyshot has been one of our key successes within that project and we’ve been able to demonstrate to people that we are investing in them and care about them as a whole person. That’s been a success and we want to continue to work to get more people to view the content and dedicate time to get the benefit from it.

In addition, from the managers training session that Bodyshot delivered, I know that our managers are better equipped and have a better knowledge of how health is an important factor within managing their staff and their teams and getting the most out of them. That enhanced knowledge will have given them confidence to deal with matters in a different way and to feel confident to ask those questions, in relation to health and wellbeing that they might not of had the confidence to ask before.

The Six Signals® Online Learning Management System is a great tool if we are dealing with more complex health matters that we’re discussing with employees because it’s an immediate solution or support that we can give to them. It’s a great benefit and staff are really impressed when we can say that we have that as a service to them. It can prevent further absences, or it can spark them wanting to go the doctors, or have a bit of a lifestyle change, as well as requiring less specialist support from occupational health.

"We now have a more knowledgeable management team equipped to support their team"

Do you see wellbeing as a competitive advantage? How much is it part of your strategy to stand out within your industry?

It features as part of our strategy, specifically to the ‘exceptional people’ aspect of our strategic goals. It gives us something different as an employer and in the market place. It very clearly demonstrates to people what our approach and culture is like. It gives us a competitive advantage and we will continue to see the benefits of that over the coming years, and as we embed it further into our culture.

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