Client Story -
Brian Chernett

Brian came to us stressed, anxious and often unable to sleep. The lack of sleep challenged his resilience and affected his wellbeing.

This is his story.

Brian Chernett, Chief Executive

The Problem

When I first approached Bodyshot I was feeling morose; I saw everything in a negative light and I found it hard to get myself going again. In meet- ings, for example, I would force myself to stay awake and stay bright. I wasn’t the person I used to be. I felt depressed and my sleeping was bad. I needed to do something to get back to normal. I wanted to sleep better, have more energy, vitality and flexibility.

I’d never considered working a health and well- ness coach before, but when someone spoke to me about Bodyshot, I thought it sounded good and I’d give it a go.

There was an immediate impact on how I felt after we started working together. The first session was outstanding, because we dealt with the issue of my sleep. I was recommended the blue light block- ing glasses to help my sleep quality, and that was just incredible for my deep sleep. Because I was sleeping better, it had a positive effect on my rela- tionship with my wife as I no longer fell asleep in front of the TV every night!

Doing some simple stretching, having a cold show- er, and most importantly designing my ‘sleep stair- case’ in the evening also was critical to improving my sleep. What was wonderful, was that all those things made a dif- ference within the first week.

"I also realised early on that I didn’t have to go to the gym every day, run a marathon, or change my eating habits hugely. It was just simple things."

Rest And Recovery

I’ve never been able to get on with meditation, until Bodyshot introduced me to an app called Headspace, and explained how to get the benefit of it. I found it became invaluable, and even that helped me with sleep too. Understanding how to incorporate that into my lifestyle has been a gamechanger. The OURA ring (that I got as part of the programe) showed me that if I was doing everything properly, I would get a high mark, and so I monitored what I was doing and how that impacted my sleep. If I got a low mark on the ring, I’d consider how I could change things for next time – for example going to bed earlier or meditating before bed for a few minutes. The Oura ring has made a massive difference to how I sleep but also to how I track my recovery. It stops me from overdoing it and puts me back in control. The results of the DNA test were the biggest surprise. I hadn’t realised that you could measure some of the variables around diet, and how that could help you understand yourself better. My results stated I had a sensitivity to caffeine, and so now I don’t overdo it, although if I’m feeling a bit tired, I’ll have a cup of coffee early in the day. The DNA results led to significant weight loss as I started to eat a diet that suited my genetics, rather than working against them. I feel less bloated and much more energetic.

"Since the first week of the programe with Bodyshot I’ve not felt low for one minute"

A Spring In my Step

Since the first week of the programe with Bodyshot I’ve not felt low for one minute. It’s noticeable to everybody around me. I’ve also lost half a stone in weight, I’m eating well, I’m on top of the world in terms of my work; I just feel there’s a spring in my step. I would recommend Bodyshot, as working with them will enable you to achieve your goals. Whether you’re not sleeping well, or you’re overweight, or you’ve got any issues at all that are contributing to your bad health, then it’s well worth investing the money.

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Recover from Burnout

Our award-winning health and fitness coaching packages are delivered using our unique Six Signals® Methodology and the latest science and technology, including DNA, microbiome and blood testing, and innovative wearable tech. The fitness coaching is delivered by one of our experienced health coaches, and sessions are online to fit in with your busy schedule.


The Bodyshot business is very professional and well-run, you get a real sense that there’s a vision and a plan in place for long term growth and that reflects in the way they treat and talk to their customers.

Lou Hemming

Industry Manager

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