two people connecting at work by bodyshot performance

Slivers Of Recovery: Connecting

It’s the last in our series on how to get slivers of recovery in your day. These little breaks can make a big difference to your perceived stress levels and how you feel at the end of each week. So far, I’ve talked about napping, meditative activity and reading. The …

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person reading a book - slivers of recovery by bodyshot performance

Slivers Of Recovery: Reading

This month, we’re talking about slivers of recovery, and how to get more of them into your day. So far, we’ve talked about napping and meditative activity. Week three in the slivers of recovery series is about reading – or listening to audiobooks! Just A Few Pages I’ve seen a …

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daily stretching to boost mood and energy part 4 of the magic minute series by bodyshot performance

Daily stretching: Magic Minute Inspiration

This week’s Thrive in Five is about daily stretching It’s the fourth part of our Magic Minute series; little slivers of activity or thought that can give you more energy. So far, we have talked about Daydreaming, Motivational Images, and Feeling Grateful. This week, I want to talk about how …

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