Strong Not Skinny: Why Fitness Is More Important Than Weight with Hollie Grant


What makes a successful health transformation? Award-winning Pilates instructor and personal trainer, Hollie Grant, talks about her mission to change women’s perception of exercise and their relationship with their bodies to help them become healthier individuals.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The challenges that women face with fitness and strength

  • The other amazing benefits of exercise besides losing weight

  • The relationship between mental health and physical health

  • Some myths around exercise and what it does to your body

  • The key to exercising consistently

Key Takeaways:

  • Pilates is all about function, strength, form, and technique. It’s not about losing weight.

  • Exercise is an immediate mood lifter.

  • A successful health transformation is changing someone’s relationship with exercise and not necessarily changing their body.

Action Steps:

  • Change your perception of exercise.

  • Try as many different types of exercises as possible.

  • Do what works for you. Find the balance between being over-generous to yourself and being over-disciplined.

Hollie says:

“The saddest thing about women not being in love with exercise is that they are missing out on those amazing other benefits.”

“I do feel that there is a change coming and people are starting to be a bit more flexible about wanting to feel good and not just weigh less.”

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