Podcast: Stress, Rest, Repeat

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How can we be more resilient when it comes to stress? Find out as Leanne talks about this process of “stress, rest, repeat”.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The Cadence Approach™
  • Hormetic stress
  • 3 examples of hormetic stress
    • Exercise
    • Cold/Heat
    • Getting into a discomfort zone

Key Takeaways:

We need to see ourselves like an athlete does. We need to get ready for big events and double down on sleep, nutrition, hydration, and our overall fitness. And then after going through that period of intense work, we need to rest and recover.

As human beings, we were designed to withstand significant amounts of stress. It’s perfectly okay to be carrying a lot around with you and be under pressure providing you get that opportunity to recover.

Hormetic stress is fantastic for the immune system.

Action Steps:

Make sure you give yourself enough time to recover after experiencing stress.

Every now and again, put yourself into a position of discomfort. Challenge yourself and see what you can achieve.

Leanne said:

“Every time you do a workout and you recover and you get stronger, you are essentially adding a little film, a little layer of resilience. So when some life stress comes in, you kind of know what to do with it because you’ve practiced “stress, rest, repeat”.

“Consciously and deliberately practicing stress, experiencing a form of stress so that we can be stronger and be more prepared for it next time around

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