Thrive In Five Resistance Training

Wopman doing a press up resistance training

This week’s Thrive In Five is about the importance of resistance training

This week I want to talk about resistance training or strength training and the importance this type of exercise. Resistance training is known for building muscle, and I think often when we talk about strength training, we focus on the muscle building and elements of it. One of the most important things for anybody that is less well known or spoken about is the fact strength training is actually about bone building. We are building bone density, and stronger bones.

Why is resistance training for bone growth important

I’m perimenopausal, and what happens during the menopause process is that oestrogen levels drop. Oestrogen is important for bone building. So if you are approaching perimenopause as a female, or you’re through it, particularly if you’re through it, there is this incredible importance to resistance training. Through resistance training you can build that bone and you assist the body in doing just that. Otherwise we get things like osteopenia, which is the precursor to osteoporosis, which is brittle bones.

Where to start

You don’t need heavy weights, you don’t need dumbbells or kettlebells or barbells or anything. Of course you can do that, but body weight is also equally effective resistance training. So it’s a simple enough idea, we just need to be putting our bones, our joints, and our muscles under the appropriate amount of tension. Whether it’s through body weight, or whether it’s through using heavier weights, such as a barbell or kettlebell.

Find out more about Resistance Training

So if you’re interested in this, then jump onto our website, blog type in resistance training or strength training into the search bar on the menu. And you’ll get a tonne of information from our archive of blogs and podcasts, all about this topic.

As always give it a go and let us know how you get on! Any questions? Give me a shout. Stay healthy.

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