Podcast: Moving Into the Recovery Phase and the Concept of Scar Tissue

crack in the pavement covered with a plaster

What are the consequences that we face as we move into a new normality in this time of the pandemic? In this episode we share our insights on the concept of scar tissue that’s going to affect people as we move away from the lock-down scenario.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

The concept of “scar tissue”

Fitness online

How we can do better as we return to a new normality

Key Takeaways:

As we move into a return to a new normality, some people will be carrying with them quite a bit of scar tissue: the consequences of a lack of human contact, the consequences of potential reduction in movement and fitness levels, an increase in guilt about coming back to work and leaving loved ones at home, etc.

The three things (at least) that are going to affect people when they go back to work are:

Mental health

Immune health

Gut health

We could do things so much better in a way that allows us to prioritise wellbeing as much as we do performance and productivity.

Action Steps:

Be aware of the “scar tissue” that can affect people massively.

Allow yourself to adjust to the new normality.

Exercise your autonomy. See how you can negotiate a slightly better deal for yourself in terms of going back to the office.

Leanne said:

“I think it would be really prudent if we all just cut ourselves some slack and took a little bit of time to allow ourselves to adjust to going back to normal because even if you’re craving it, you’re not going to get that normality you had before.”

“Let’s not sleepwalk back into the old way that we did things because it isn’t necessarily the best way.”

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