Optimise your mind, body and wellbeing

Are you looking to optimise your mind, body and wellbeing and live a happy and fulfilled life?

Are you fed up with the one-size-fits-all approach to health and fitness?

Perhaps you used to have good fitness, or had more time to prioritise your health, but the convergent pressures of work and home life have squeezed the bandwidth you have for your wellbeing.

You probably have a busy job that is increasingly stressful, with more and more demands on your time.

Maybe you’re noticing red flags going up in relation to your sleep, mental health, energy, body composition, digestion or fitness – and feel run-down, stressed out or even on the way to burnout.

Introducing the Six Signals®

Bodyshot have identified six main areas where we see clients having issues. We call these areas the Six Signals® because they are strong indicators of how healthy you are:



You probably have a red flag going up in one or more of these areas – usually two or three.

An example of a sleep signal is waking early and being unable to go to sleep.

An example of a mental health signal is anxiety, chronic stress or burnout.

An example of an energy signal is fluctuating energy levels or being unable to energise yourself for certain activities or when at home with your family.

An example of a body composition signal is rapid weight gain or difficulties absorbing nutrients from food.

An example of a digestion signal is acid reflux or loose stools.

An example of a fitness signal is an inability to do the things you used to, a lack of energy, mobility issues or unexplained aches and pains.

Our Health Optimisation Products

Our products are designed to solve the problems you might have with each Signal. Each product includes the DNA test (also available as a stand-alone product), which removes all the guesswork around your health, fitness and nutrition, and provides you with the information you need for a successful health transformation.

The body sends us messages about how we’re feeling, but we’ve become very adept at ignoring them. These products help amplify those messages and provide you with meaningful data that you can use to transform your health.

The DNA test is a simple, non-invasive, oral swab test that tells you the best type of diet for you and the type of exercise that your body responds to best. It includes a consultation with one of our health experts to analyse your results.

Based on recent scientific trials:

  • Individuals are 2 times more likely to implement nutrition changes when they are based on DNA testing
  • Over 2 years, individuals lost 33% more weight on a DNA-based diet than on a 1300-calorie restricted diet
  • Fitness performance improves 2-3 times more on a DNA-based training program
  • Private research by one of our partners over 8 weeks showing average weight loss of 4.9kg, 3.4% body fat reduction, and 99% muscle mass conservation using a DNA-based nutrition and fitness program

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