Podcast: What’s in Your Wingspan?

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If you stand up in your working environment and stretch out your arms, what is within your reach? Chances are, most of the things you need to get on with your working life (your laptop, phone, paper, water and so on) are within easy reach, i.e. your wingspan.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

Looking at what’s in your wingspan. Stand up, stretch out your arms and see what is within reach.

The importance of movement in your day.

Movement snacking‘, for example grabbing a kettle bell and doing five squats every hour.

FAYG (Fitness As You Go), for example using the few minutes between phone calls to stretch.

Key Takeaways:

Pretty much everything you need to go about your daily business is right there in your wingspan.

The more movement in our day, the more energised we feel. Every time we get up and down a desk chair, we’re performing a squat. And every time we get up and move about, we’re sending fresh oxygenated blood into the brain and to the body.

The simplest thing to do to get a little bit more movement into your day is to force yourself to move more by getting the things you need from another part of the room.

Scientific research shows that daydreaming is important to give the brain a break, to get away from our screens, and to let the mind wander a little bit.

Action Steps:

Get a movement snack every hour.

Make standing your default. Rather than sitting with occasional standing, get yourself a standing workstation or hack one.

Look at what’s in your wingspan in your workspace and move some of the things away. Force yourself to move more by having to get these things from another part of the room.

Consider working in a different location.

Try to get as much out of your exercise sessions as you can so they don’t take as much time.

Don’t miss the little opportunities to get some movement into your day or to do something positive for your health. Then you might find that the exercise session you planned at the end of the day becomes optional.

Leanne said:

“I think intellectually we all know the importance of movement.”

“I think one of the most under-appreciated aspects of wellbeing is variety.”

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