Podcast: A Deeper Dive into Movement Snacks

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This week we’re talking about movement snacks

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

A review of the three foundations of fitness.

What a movement snack is and why it matters.

What a typical day of movement snacks looks like for Leanne.

Examples of gentle movement that’s great first thing in the morning.

What happens when you stretch and why it feels good.

When Leanne adopts the second foundation of fitness in her day.

How standing up or even standing on one leg can support your fitness.

How you can use opportunities like calls for movement snacks.

What you can do at your desk to support movement.

What a compound movement is.

A strategy you can implement for movement snacks in advance.

Key Takeaways:

Movement snacks are one of the three foundations of fitness.

You don’t need fancy morning movements and sun salutations. Try simply jumping in place or windmilling your arms.

Stretching is great for movement snacks and also releases a nice sensation.

Keeping a kettlebell in your office can help with motivation for movement snacks.

Making a habit of standing on one leg is good for your core and can help you maintain lower body muscle tone.

Taking calls on-the-go (in your office or outside) is a great option for movement snacks and allows you to tackle two things at once.

Compound movements, like squats, give you more bang for your buck, so consider increasing those types of movements.

It can be motivating and satisfying to plan your movement snacks in advance and check it off as you go throughout your day.

Action Steps:

If you want to increase your movement snacking:

  1. Try stretching and simple movements in the morning.
  2. Build movement into your workday.
  3. Make standing your default at the office, and keep a kettlebell or dumbbell around and squeeze in movement when you can.
  4. Stand on one leg. Try standing on one leg and alternate between them.
  5. Take walking calls.
  6. Intersect your calls with movement.
  7. Stretch at your desk.

Why not try our movement snacking monthly challenge! We share some great movement snack ideas to get you motivated for each week.

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