Podcast: Human Connection

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This week we’re talking about human connection.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

Leanne talks about the importance of human connection and the impact the pandemic and social distancing will have had.

She shares why as human beings we’re hard wired to connect and the importance of human connection.

The energy exchange that takes place in various different form when we connect.

The importance of a connection to your true authentic self.

Key Takeaways:

There’s lots of different ways to connect physical, emotional, being present, being connected with yourself and your values.

Connections requires you to listen with your eyes, not waiting to jump in on a conversation or thinking about what you want to say next.

Being present takes deliberate action and is not easy to achieve.

Being open about who you are, genuine, authentic. People who are comfortable with themselves are much easier to connect with and can find it much easier to connect.

Oxytocin the connection hormone. . A study found that when you hold someone for 20 seconds or longer, even a complete stranger and a hug, you both get a release of oxytocin, which is quite extraordinary. In times of, COVID be very careful about doing that, and at any time with strangers!

Eye contact and body language help you connect.

Connecting with a higher passion or purpose.

Disconnection and its link to burnout.

Action Steps:

If you’re looking to increase your feeling of connection with people places and things here’s some ideas you could put into practice

  1. Connecting with yourself first, your values, passions, hobbies
  2. Be present, put your phone away, tie up loose ends at the end of each day by making a to-do list for the following day, actively listen
  3. Be truthful and be willing to share, be willing to be open
  4. Seek oxytocin generating activities you can find out more about these in our podcast
  5. Holding eye contact and having open and encouraging body language
  6. Connecting with a higher passion or purpose, doing something for a cause greater than you. Such as charity work or supporting your local community
  7. Living your authentic life
  8. Physical touch – get a massage

Leanne said:

“My favourite way to get [oxytocin] is staring into my dogs, brown eyes and watching how her little underbite sticks out. And she’s getting a rush of oxytocin as am I. It’s, it’s a wonderful feeling. Bonding over shared experiences by the way, whether in the past or at that present time also releases oxytocin.”

“Being open about who you are, genuine, authentic, people who are comfortable with themselves are much, much easier to connect with.”

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