Podcast: COVID Trends and the Future of Fitness

Online Fitness - The Future Of Fitness

What will the future of fitness look like? Leanne shares her thoughts on what the future of fitness holds based on the latest trends over the last few months.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

The future of fitness

Online fitness

Shorter exercises

Blending exercise with movement

Key Takeaways:

Animal flow is a combination of breakdancing and yoga.

The downside to doing an online fitness class is that you don’t get human contact in correcting your position. But if you’re not a newbie to exercise, it’s a great format for getting something done.

Exercise does not need to be an hour, and because we’re doing things from home, we might be doing exercises for shorter periods.

Overall fitness — fitness for the rigours of daily life, fitness for business — is going to be more important now than ever because we know that there’s a strong link between exercise and fitness and the immune system.

Action Steps:

Take an online fitness class.

Blend exercise with movement.

Build the health of your immune system to exercise and fitness.

Leanne said:

“If you’ve got a reasonable space to exercise, you have a wonderful opportunity to do a class — literally to have the exercise come to you.”

“I think there will be a general acceptance and an understanding that exercise can be short and it definitely doesn’t take the sort of time that people tend to think.”

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