Podcast: SPECIAL EPISODE! COVID Facts, Myths, and Vaccines with Immunologist and Research Associate Dr. Yasmin Mohsen‪i‬

Dr Yasmin Mohseni and Leanne Spencer talking on Zoom

COVID Myths Dispelled: What do we need to know about COVID and the COVID vaccine?

In light of the pandemic, Leanne interviews Dr. Yasmin Mohseni (Dr. Yas), who dispels some myths about COVID by speaking about the science in layman’s terms.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

What we need to know about COVID

COVID’s mechanism of action

What we can do to strengthen our immune system

The myths about the COVID vaccine dispelled

Key Takeaways:

There’s recent data coming out indicating that those suffering from long COVID and subsequent neurological damage are the millennials

The main thing that’s boggled scientists about COVID is the fact that you can have an incubation period of up to two weeks and be asymptomatic

COVID does mutate but not as often as the flu virus

Sleep, rest, and a stress-free lifestyle are key to improving your immune system

Vitamin D is the only real supplement that can help the immune system

Action Steps:

Eat healthily

Manage your stress

Make sure you’re getting enough rest and good-quality sleep

Dr Yas said:

“Just ‘cos you think that you’re fit and healthy, COVID doesn’t discriminate.”

“The more the virus has to jump from host to host, the more it can learn how to outwit our defence mechanism.”

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