Podcast: Changes you can experience with perimenopause

Perimenopause woman lying on a log

What are some of the changes that you’re experiencing when you’re going through perimenopause? In this episode, I share what I’m doing to cope with these changes.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

The things I’m doing to mitigate the low energy and low mood I’ve been experiencing in perimenopause.

Key Takeaways:

Recovery is as important as training.

Taking a step back and allowing yourself to reflect and recover is as important as all the effort you’re putting into your work.

One of the basics for menopause management is controlling the amount of sugar you consume.

Action Steps:

Take into account where your energy is at and just respond intelligently to that.

Rest when you need to rest. Make time for that, and don’t beat yourself up.

Cap out how much sugar you’re consuming.

Take naps if you need to.

Leanne said:

“In an effort to maintain a more consistent energy level throughout the week, I’ve gone from doing 2 or 3 big workouts a week to a little bit every day.”

“Movement, for me, is getting from A to B. And exercise is structured exercise sessions.”

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