Thrive In Five: Mood and Energy Boost Five Day Challenge

mood and energy boost five day challenge woman atb a standing desk

This week’s thrive in five is a simple mood and energy boost challenge

Do you fancy doing a five day challenge to see if you can improve your mood and energy? It’s pretty simple to do, it’s the ‘make standing up your default’ challenge.

Now you could do this all five days. You could just do it for a day and see how you get on. But the idea is this, that rather than starting your day, whether that’s in the office or at home or any other kind of working environment by sitting down and tapping away. You make standing up your default instead.

So standing as your default, to boost mood and energy.

When you feel the urge to sit, or you need to take copious notes, or you just want a break, then you sit down. It’s reversing what is common for most desk-based workers. We come in, we sit for most of the day, and occasionally stand up when our legs start to ache.

So it’s doing the complete opposite of that.

Now you can use a proper standing desk. You can use a laptop desk, you can get from Amazon for £30-£40 pounds. You could have a pile of books, a pile of magazines, an ironing board, use a window sill if you have a laptop. Anything that just enables you to look at a screen from a standing position.

So the challenge is to have standing as your working default for five days and see the effect on mood and energy. At the end of that working week, if you feel like you’ve got more energy then maybe it’s something that you can make your regular default and do more consistently. Perhaps you purchase a proper standing desk or put in a request to get one from your company. So the five day mood and energy boost challenge, which is making standing up your default, are you in?

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