Managing Menopause Through Lifestyle And Nutrition

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One in three women will experience menopause symptoms so severe, it impacts their quality of life. Many report finding symptoms particularly difficult to manage at work. This is due to feeling unable to disclose their menopausal status for fear of being stigmatised. Symptoms that most commonly affect women in the workplace are tiredness, poor concentration, and feeling low.

In our menopause awareness series we looked at “Raising awareness of Menopause in the Working World“, in our latest webinar we spoke with Nutritional Therapist Alexandra Rock, we discuss “Managing Menopause Through Lifestyle and Nutrition”. If you want to understand more about menopause; what it is, the stages of menopause, how it affects women and how to manage it using lifestyle and nutritional interventions you can watch the recording here.

We look at:

  • The menopause – symptoms, myths and facts
  • The hormonal changes undergone by the body
  • How you can use nutrition as your first line of defence
  • The value of exercise for managing energy
  • Mitigating the impact of menopausal symptoms by managing stress

People have only recently begun to talk about menopause, and at Bodyshot want to keep the momentum going! Our series of webinars explore why companies should understand menopause, and what to do to support their people who are going through it. We can run bespoke versions of both Menopause workshops for your business. The topics are relevant for everyone from HR directors to general managers to team leaders – and anyone else with an interest in the topic. Progress begins with raising awareness, so click here to access the recording today.

Managing Menopause Through Lifestyle & Nutrition visulatiosation of the content from the recorded webinar

You can also download our free menopause PDF visualisation of the session created by the talented Leodo.

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