Podcast: Making Plans (and signing off for 2020!)

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Are you ready to wrap up the year 2020? Listen in as I share how we’re wrapping up the year and talk about the value of making plans as we look forward to 2021.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:


What 2020 has been like for us

How we’re spending December to wrap up the year

The benefits of making plans

Key Takeaways:

The 3 big benefits of making plans:

It helps us to feel more optimistic.

It opens up our world view.

Future retrospection

Optimism is good for both our mental and physical health. Studies have shown that people who are generally optimistic have a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Future retrospection is making a plan for the future and then reverse-engineering how you’re going to get to it.

Action Steps:

Be optimistic in any situation.

Take a break in December. Take a step back, breathe, pause, and enjoy your Christmas.

Make plans for the year ahead.

Leanne said:

“I always tend to be optimistic about any situation, and I think that does bestow certain benefits. It’s the state that I prefer to be in when looking at any situation.”

“I never chase numbers for this game. I’m not looking to get 10,000 downloads a month. I’m looking to create impact and get some sort of loyal following.”

We’ll be back on the 2nd of January 2021! As always, if you want to register your interest in some of the ideas that I’m putting together with Bodyshot Performance, send an email to anne@bodyshotperformance.com.

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