Thrive In Five: Maintaining Healthy Habits in Hybrid Working

Maintaining Healthy Habits In Hybrid Working man meditating in work chair

This weeks thrive in five is about maintaining healthy habits in hybrid working

The minimum effective dose is a way that you can maintain your healthy habits and continue some of your health, fitness, and wellbeing routines, even though you may now be doing some form of hybrid working, so back in the office for some or all of the week.

Now, the idea of the minimal effective dose is this it’s the smallest amount of something. The smallest dose of, for example, fitness, that actually gets an effect for you. Now, this could be a subjective measure, such as I want better mental health or improved mood and energy. And I know that a 15 minute brisk walk gets me that.

It could also be I’m looking to get some strength adaptations or improve cardiovascular fitness, and actually, a 15 minute brisk jog gets me that effect.

So the minimal effective dose, how many vegetables do I need to eat to feel healthy? How much water do I need to drink to be vibrant and energetic? How much exercise do I need to do to have a good positive mood and outlook on life?

Whatever it is though, it’s doing the smallest amount possible. Not because you’re lazy, but because you’re super time efficient.

So rather than going to the gym for a full hour, if I know that in 15 minutes, I can get the effect that I need. That’s all I do, certainly when I’m time crunched.

So think about how the minimal effective dose could work for you because it’s a time-saver, it’s an efficiency booster. And if you do have to factor in a commute again, it means you don’t have to drop those good habits and routines that you’ve adopted and is a sure-fire way to maintain healthy habits in a hybrid working scenario

So give it a try and let me know how you get on. All the best for now.

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