Thrive In Five: Lunge And Hug Movement Snack Idea

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This week’s Thrive In Five is A Lunge And Hug Movement Snack Idea

So we’ve talked about movement snacking and it’s benefits for health and wellbeing a fair amount, so here I’ll keep it brief. Movement snacking is getting a small pocket of movement every hour. One of the things that movement snacking will do, apart from energising you, is give you a nice dose of dopamine, of oxytocin, potentially serotonin, endorphins. What we call a DOSE of happiness or a dose of wellbeing.

So this week’s Thrive In Five is a movement snack idea the lunge and hug combo. It’s a great all body movement, which requires no apparatus.

The movement snack that I’m demonstrating in the video above is a simple little lunge and hug combo.

You put one foot forward, dropping down vertically into a lunge. Take your arms out wide into an invisible hug. Come back up drawing your arms back in together. That’s it. Pretty simple. Good all-body exercise, compound movement using all the joints of the body, using the core as well for that hug portion of the lunge. I’ll do 10 of the lunge and hug combo moves, as part of my movement snack.

Movement snack tip

My top tip is to mark on your pad or on a wall chart your hourly movement snack times, make sure it’s somewhere visible to act as a reminder. Then each hour tick off your movement snack. Whether that’s the lunge and hug combo, or press ups, going up and down the stairs, doing the power pose or just standing up and sitting down from your chair. Little pockets of movement in the day get fresh, oxygenated blood moving around the body, a little boost of endorphins plus ticking off things on your list will give you an extra dose of dopamine.

Give it a go. Let me know you get on.

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