Living a Life of Adventure and Finding Your Purpose with Mountain Girl Anna Humphries: Part 2

Girl standing on mountain with her dog. Girl is Anna Humphries of Mountain Girl

What are the benefits of being alone in nature? Anna Humphries talks about how we’ve lost our connections with meaningful work and meaningful values with nature and with ourselves, and what we can do to reconnect with that and rediscover our purpose.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Losing yourself and reconnecting with yourself
  • Racing against yourself
  • Becoming fit by changing your diet
  • Some of the most beautiful and inspiring places
  • The benefits of being alone

Key Takeaways:

  • Nobody else can lose your weight for you, and it’s going to take dedication, time, and physical challenge.
  • There’s something about being alone in the mountains or in the forest that makes you feel like you are one with nature.
  • You don’t have to conform to society. It’s your responsibility to do your own thing and do what you feel inside your soul, and that is pure happiness.

Action Steps:

  • Make changes in your diet towards a healthier and fitter you.
  • Every once in a while, break away from your busy lifestyle.
  • Do what you feel inside of you and follow your dream.

Anna said:

“Food isn’t a pleasure. It’s nothing that we should be sitting here and enjoying and yet we do… We just need fuel to be alive completely. We just need energy to burn what we are doing equivalent.”

“When I’m on the top of a mountain, I’m above all the problems on the planet. Physically and mentally, I’m above all the problems on the planet.”

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