The latest biohacks for brain, body and health optimisation

The latest biohacks for brain, body and health optimisation jSensate device on Leanne sitting down

Over the summer I attended the Health Optimisation Summit, a two-day event where the most innovative thinkers gather to discuss biohacking, health and longevity. (If you’re unsure, biohacking is basically the use of science, technology and nature to improve health). So I’ve compiled my favourites from some of the latest biohacks from the event.

I listened to speakers such as Dr Harry Adelson on pioneering stem cell treatments, Dr Satchin Panda discuss time-restricted eating and circadian rhythm, Dr Amy Killen on regenerative and anti-aging medicine and many others. You can try the latest brain hacking technology, jump in an ice bath and mingle with the assorted personalities that make up the biohacking community. It’s a fun time.

The latest biohacks

Here are seven of the latest biohacks and most interesting devices, supplements or gadgets that I discovered as I walked the exhibitor hall.

The Chili Pad

Made by a company called ChiliSleep, the Chili Pad is a cooling mattress for your bed. It regulates your temperature throughout the night and gives off minimal ‘dirty electricity’. Our body temperature needs to drop in order to fall into a deep, restorative sleep, so this device can help with that. It also resolves any issues you might have with your bed partner who might prefer the room to be cooler or warmer. Find out more at

The Iced Tub

I am frequently tempted to purchase an ice tub but given I rarely have cold showers I wonder if it would get used. Cold water exposure is proven to boost recovery, can act as a neurotransmitter in the brain and can assist with weight loss. It’s an excellent hormetic stressor although I tend to favour sauna use in the colder months! Find out more at

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

HBOT involves sitting in a pressurised chamber where the oxygen content of the air is increased. This aids with healing and recovery, and I know a few people who have used it as part of Long Covid recovery, as well as sporting performance. Not for the claustrophobic or those on a budget. Find out more at

NAD Supplementation

NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide and it’s a natural molecule found in every cell in your body. As we age our cellular NAD+ levels decline resulting in a reduction in cellular energy and cellular health. Other lifestyle factors such as poor sleep, overtraining and poor diet/excess alcohol can also contribute to declining NAD+. Find out more at

The Hapbee

Hapbee is a wearable device that replicates the magnetic signature of ingredients like caffeine, CBD, nicotine, melatonin and others through safe, ultra-low magnetic frequencies. You link it with your phone, place the band around your neck and select a signal. Improves sleep, performance and mental wellness. Find out more at

The Sensate

I love this device and my partner uses it daily. Sensate uses the natural power of infrasonic resonance to calm your body’s nervous system, providing immediate relief from stress & anxiety while improving sleep. It’s a small device worn on the chest and linked to an app on your phone. I used it once for a nap and was out almost immediately and felt very relaxed on wakening. Find out more at

The BrainTap

Designed to help people struggling with sleep, energy and brain function, the BrainTap works by entraining brainwaves via guided visualisation using a headset connected to an app. The lights in the earcups and visor work in tandem with the audio sessions (for example beats and tones) to create new neural pathways. Find out more at

So these are some of the latest biohacks you can use to benefit your brain, body and optimise your health, which ones will you try?

Written by Leanne Spencer, keynote speaker and author of three bestselling books. Leanne is the founder of Bodyshot Performance, an award-winning wellbeing company that uses technology and science-based solutions to create happy, healthy and resilient teams. Experts in corporate wellbeing and wellbeing strategy we help our clients to lead with wellbeing in their organisations. Our clients have won awards for their wellbeing strategies and recognise that it directly improves employee engagement and retention, attracts talent into the business and improves the bottom line.

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