It all started with a vegetable – My Journey to Becoming a Corporate Wellbeing Expert

It All Started With A Vegetable - My Journey To Becoming A Corporate Wellbeing Expert

So it’s the month of December and we wanted to lighten things up. We don’t want to bombard you with tips while you’re catching up on work, getting ready for the Christmas break. So I’m going to keep this nice and light. I’m going to share with you three stories of how I got into wellbeing over the course of the next three weeks.

I’m going to start with a vegetable. I took a picture of a vegetable and sent it to my mom and said, Mum, what is this? I’ve got no idea. I had recently left the city and I signed up for a service called local greens. What they do is they source vegetables from local farmers, pesticide-free, organic farms, and they deliver vegetables each week. O a weekly basis you’re delivered what’s good to come out of the ground that week.

These vegetables are caked in dirt. You have to scrub and scrub them before you can look at them and think, okay, what is that? I didn’t know what this vegetable was. I’d been eating ready meals and drinking red wine all the time. I was only two months into a health journey. Now Mum didn’t know what it was either. So I had to do some more exploratory work, find out what it was, how to cook it. And I think that’s symbolic of my journey into wellbeing.

I started to eat much better, go to farmer’s markets and pick fruit and vegetables. Learn what they were and learn how to cook with them. It wasn’t the only thing I did, but I like to think of that vegetable as being symbolic of that health journey.

That was the start of me becoming an expert in corporate wellbeing and also a podcast or an author and doing what all of you know me to have done now. It’s coming up on 10 years.

So that’s just a little snippet of the story. Check out next week when I’ll give you stage two of that journey. But for now, it’s all about the vegetable.

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