Intersecting Health, Medicine, Science and Technology with Ex-professional Athlete and the Sportie Doc, Dr Tamsin Lewis


We all want to be healthy, but how should we go about it? Dr. Tamsin Lewis shares her integrative approach and the steps we need to take in pursuit of good health.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • What is RED-S or female athlete triad

  • What is hormesis

  • The move towards more intelligent forms of training

  • The role of technology in the future of healthcare

  • The “bio-psycho-social approach” to health

Key Takeaways:

  • With training, you could get more out of doing less.

  • It takes a good coach and it takes an awareness of your own body to see which kind of training would suit you the most.

  • Stress is stress. The body doesn’t recognize the difference between physiological stress caused by lifting extremely heavy weights and psychological stress caused by working a 14-hour shift without breaks.

  • Exercise stress causes an adaptation in your body, whereas psychological stress can be very depleting.

Action Steps:

  • Move towards more intelligent forms training.

  • Balance out your sympathetic and parasympathetic dominance.

  • Learn the latest thinking and ideas by looking at how the top elite athletes train.

  • Develop strategies for managing stress.

Dr Tamsin says:

“What all busy people want to know is, ‘What should I do today to get the most out of myself?’”

“If you shift your biochemistry… that definitely can impact how you experience the world on a day-to-day basis.”

Thanks for listening!

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