Insights: Why I’m Measuring My Blood Sugar Levels Using a Continuous Glucose Monitor

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Have you heard of a wearable device that can measure your blood sugar levels? In this week’s Insights, I talk about why I use a continuous blood glucose monitor and why you should think about using one yourself.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • What is a continuous blood glucose monitor?
  • Why is monitoring blood sugar important?
  • Why do I use a continuous glucose monitor?
  • What are some possible causes of an inflammatory response
  • What is the role of insulin and why do we want to have good insulin sensitivity?

Key Takeaways:

  • There are three aspects to this that make it a really important topic:
  1. You can gain some insights into how you can manage your energy
  2. It can be beneficial for weight management.
  3. It can help in controlling inflammation.
  • An inflammatory situation could be caused by consuming gluten, and that sensitivity can come and go depending on your gut.
  • Glycemic variability or blood sugar regulation and controlling inflammation are two things that can help you achieve longevity.

Action Steps:

  • Think a little bit about blood sugar and find out whether your blood sugar is well-managed. Get a blood test to find out what your blood sugar levels are like or wear a continuous glucose monitor.
  • Tune in to your body and observe your energy levels.
  • Check to see the effect of certain foods on your blood sugar.

Leanne said:

“One of the key things that we know now about longevity… is inflammation is a key indicator of longevity of health. The other one being blood sugar regulation.”

“We should all be interested in health span, not life span… so looking to live a long and healthy life where we can be useful and energetic, rather than living a long life but the last 20 years we’ve been unable to walk or feed ourselves and so on.”

Thanks for listening!

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