Insights: Why Fitness is More Important Than Fatness

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Why Fitness is More Important Than Fatness: A Recording of Leanne’s Popular TEDx Talk from November 2016.

Why do people continue to sacrifice their health to achieve a certain body type? People sometimes do unhealthy habits just to look a certain way- the way they think society would want them to look.

In this week’s Insights, we will discuss how you can achieve your dream body without skipping meals and crash diets!

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • People sacrifice their health just to become thin.
  • How exercise and fitness can change the way you feel about yourself
  • Fitness myths and effective exercise tips
  • Why children should be encouraged to be healthy from their youth

Key Takeaways:

  • Body consciousness affects people of all ages
  • In the pursuit to attain the “perfect” body, we sometimes forget our health.
  • BMI is not always an accurate way to measure health
  • We should find ways on how to achieve weight control
  • Parents can influence children to develop into healthy adults.
  • Both women and men have their ideas about how they should look

Action Steps:

  • Focus on what you can achieve with your body
  • Switch your focus from fatness to fitness
  • Do something that takes you out of your comfort zone
  • Consider walking whenever you can
  • Reconnect with your body in a primeval way
  • Rebuild your relationship with your body.

Leanne said:

“The journey to becoming fit forces you to confront difficult challenges and then overcome them; and that’s a great skill to have.”

“The quality and intensity of what you are doing is more important than the duration in most cases.”

“The stats around physical education around children are woeful.”

“Instead of chasing the dream of the perfect body or the perfect dress size, let’s chase the goal of a more active lifestyle.”

“Perfect doesn’t exist, but happy and healthy does.”

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