Insights: What Is Wellbeing?


What does wellbeing mean to you? When creating a culture of energy, vitality, and performance, where does wellbeing sit amongst all of that? Take a listen as we dive into what wellbeing actually means in this week’s Insights.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • How we define wellbeing
  • What being happy means for me
  • My personal core values
  • Why a lot of people struggle with wellbeing
  • What self-care includes
  • How I maintain a high-level of wellbeing in my life

Key Takeaways:

  • Some definitions of wellbeing:
  • Wellbeing is being happy.
  • Wellbeing is having time for self-care and not feeling burnt out.
  • Wellbeing is having flexibility in your schedule.
  • Wellbeing is having autonomy.
  • Wellbeing is the feeling of being listened to. It is having a voice.
  • Wellbeing is having trust in yourself and other people having trust in you.
  • You need to have a purpose, and your career or your job needs to fulfill that purpose.
  • The future of business is going to be much more around the wellbeing of the employees, and that is going to include flexibility and autonomy.

Action Steps:

  • Look at your life and think: Are there areas where I can be more autonomous? Do I have to kowtow to the various different people in life or can I take a little bit more control of this?
  • Try to put some flexibility in your schedule by building in micro breaks into it.

Leanne said:

“Having the bandwidth to do something for yourself is a crucial part of wellbeing. Otherwise, we can just feel those convergent pressures of work and home, squeezing us and squeezing us until we’re on a hamster wheel of work-kids-chores-work-kids-chores or whatever it might be.”

“If we feel that we are not being listened to, if we feel that we don’t make any sort of contribution, we’re not valued, it’s crucial that we have that feeling in order to feel happy and have a sense of wellbeing.”

Thanks for listening!

I’d love to know what wellbeing means to you! Email me your definitions or post them in the comments section over on Facebook and tell us how you maintain a high level of wellbeing in your own life.

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