Insights: What Are Non-Negotiables and Why Are They Important?


What are the things that you consider to be non-negotiables, that are too important to ever skip doing? In this week’s Insights, I share my definition of non-negotiables and what these non-negotiables are for me.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • My non-negotiables
  • The mental health benefits of having movement as a non-negotiable
  • Why we need to have non-negotiables

Key Takeaways:

  • Non-negotiables are the things that you do day in and day out, irrespective of what’s going on, irrespective of what’s crashed into your life and sabotage maybe some of the other stuff you like to do.
  • Movement allows you to get a lovely dose of neurotransmitters or hormones — dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins — which are all produced when you move.
  • The human body is designed for movement. You need to be up and moving using your energy in some form or another.
  • The reason that non-negotiables are important is that they are the foundation of your well-being.
  • There’s a world of difference between what we want to state are our non-negotiables and what we actually do.

Action Steps:

  • Have a think about what your non-negotiables are, write them down, and then come back to them a week later, and see if you’ve actually done them without really concentrating on it.
  • Consider including movement, vegetable consumption, and meditation in your list of non-negotiables.

Leanne said:

“What gets measured gets done. So if you’ve got a non-negotiable thing that you’re either measuring or ensuring you do, they’re more likely to happen.”

“The non-negotiable things are the bedrock of your wellbeing. They make a fundamental difference to how you feel, how you move, how you think, and how you connect with yourself and the world.”

Thanks for listening!

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