Insights: The Concept of Exercise Snacking

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How can you snack on exercise? Have you ever done it? Is it effective?

In this episode, I share my insights into the idea of exercise snacking and the benefits of tapping into our ancestral movement.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Exercise snacking
  • Tapping into ancestral movement
  • How to grab little pockets of time for exercise
  • The minimal effective dose

Key Takeaways:

  • Exercise snacking is taking little bites of exercise or grabbing little pockets of time in order to exercise.
  • The idea of exercise snacking is you don’t necessarily need to spend a full hour of your day  exercising but that you tap into the patterns of ancestral movement, which is a fairly regular amount of low-level activity.
  • Exercise is not something you have to carve out big chunks of time for, but if you snack in the day on little exercises and movement breaks, you can maintain a healthy sense of wellbeing.

Action Steps:

  • Consider the little pockets of opportunity in a day where you can exercise.
  • Take the stairs.
  • Walk on any opportunity that you can. If you drive to work, park the furthest away from the office so you have a longer walk to your office and get up to your desk.
  • Opt to work in a standing position. Or if you have to sit, don’t sit for long periods of time. Make sure to stand up from time to time.
  • Do Tabata

Leanne said:

“If you can pepper your day with little exercise snacks, little movement breaks, you’ll not only feel better, you’ll have a nice balance of hormones, and you may find your productivity has increased.”

“We don’t have big chunks of time that we can devote to exercise, so it’s finding ‘What is the smallest thing I can do? What’s the minimal amount of exercise or movement I need to do in order to maintain my health, fitness, and wellbeing?’”

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