Insights: The Concept of Arbejdsglæde, or How to Achieve Greater Happiness at Work

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Have you ever heard of the word Arbejdsglæde? You might have not heard of it before but it’s something that most of us want to have – happiness at work. In this Insights episode, I will discuss the concept of Arbejdsglæde or happiness at work.

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Topics Discussed in this episode:

  • The concept of Arbejdsglæde or Happiness at work
  • Factors affecting your happiness at work
  • What you can do to create more happiness at work
  • The significance of work-life-balance or work-life blend
  • The difference between Job, Career, and Vocation

Key Takeaways:

  • Arbejdsglæde. A word that refers to happiness at work that only exists in the Scandinavian language.
  • Doing something that you used to love brings back that work-life-blend.
  • 50% of happiness at work is the defined environment you’re in, the job you’re working, and the people you work with. On the other hand, 50% of it comes from your own head and your attitude towards that role.
  • Heartfulness is doing something that you personally love and doing something for somebody else like fundraising or charity. Both are deeply rewarding.
  • A job is something that you do and gets something in exchange.
  • Career is a job that you’re passionate about and that you really love.
  • Vocation is a calling, a divine invitation.

Action Steps:

  • Change your emotional soundtrack
  • Reconnect with something you used to love
  • Regain autonomy or control
  • Look at things differently
  • Determine what motivates or inspires you

Leanne said:

“The things that I love to do that have nothing to do with work make me feel more balanced. And doing something for someone else takes you entirely out of yourself”.

“Even if we talk about looking for the elusive work-life-blend, it’s still true that work can dominate”.

Thanks for listening!

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