Insights: Personal Care Products and Household Products: What Impact Do They Have on Our Health?


Have you ever thought about how other chemicals enter our body? In this week’s Insight Podcast, I talk about the negative impact these strong chemicals can have and what you can do about it.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The effect of harmful household cleaning products
  • How harmful chemicals in personal care products enter our body

Key Takeaways:

  • You don’t have to kill all the bacteria, it’s good for our microbiome. It’s good for us to built up immunity using these things. So that we aren’t too clean.
  • They are full chemicals and that can cause problems with our hormones.
  • A lot of these household products will come into close contact with your skin, if you use bleach on the floors and you walk on the floors, your feet will be absorbing some of that bleach.
  • The products clean, but they also take out everything else. And they have a significant amount of collateral damage in terms of the fumes you inhale.
  • The largest organ of the body is porous, so it absorbs very very easily.
  • An implication to some of these is it can affect your hormones. It can affect the hormones in a number of different ways, and in every estrogen could be affected by certain products. Other hormones can be affected that can significantly impact our health.
  • A few study in recent years, theories that aluminum based deodorants could increase the risk of breast cancer. That study suggested that chemicals in these deodorants, including aluminum, absorbing the skin and can have this effect.

Action Steps:

  • Slowly reduce the the use of chemical household cleaning products.
  • Look for more natural products.
  • Start small, reduce exposing your body to chemicals.
  • Get more familiar on what these products do and what’s in them.

Leanne said:

“This week, I just want to highlight and to create an awareness of what you put on your skin. And then, the chemicals and other such thing that are sprayed, wiped or used in the home, because that also has benefit. Then you more likely to breathe them in, as well as absorbing them through the skin.”

“So pay attention to all the different ways you come into contact with these chemicals, and try to reduce that chemical footprint if you like in your body.”

Thanks for listening!

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