Insights: My Thoughts on Veganism, Vegetarianism and How I’m Currently Consuming Meat (For Now)


I’m excited about the fact that more people are thinking about going vegetarian or vegan. In this week’s Insights, I share my thoughts about these things and how I’m personally going about my diet and where I ultimately want to get to.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • What I’m doing to make sure my principles around animal welfare are well-maintained but still consume meat
  • The issues surrounding vegan and vegetarianism

Key Takeaways:

  • One of the issues around vegan and vegetarianism is the lack of nutrients in the diet, specifically vitamin B12. It’s possible to get a decent vegan diet but not get any decent nutrition.
  • Without cutting out meat, you can change the types of meat that you’re eating and avoid the nasty meat that’s probably been massively inflated with hormones or steroids and priced cheaply.
  • Going straight into vegetarian and vegan is not always a healthy option.

Action Steps:

  • If you’re not quite ready to go vegan or vegetarian all the way, then focus on the provenance of the meat that you’re eating and eat better quality meat.

Leanne said:

“The way we treat animals, our relationship towards animals, I think, has become hideously functional. And animals, they are purely to produce milk, to produce eggs, to produce meat to ultimately make corporation money. And I find that very, very troubling.”

“There’s little point in me being principled and vegan as a result, but with very poor health, and [it’s] affecting my health span as well as my quality of daily life.”

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