Insights: My Thoughts on the Roundup News Story


In this week’s Insights, I talk about the news of a company called Bayer that received a $2 billion fine for their product called Roundup and why this story matters.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • How Bayer was hit with a $2 billion fine for Roundup
  • Eating organically and sourcing your produce locally from spray-free farms
  • The negative impacts of products being shipped all over the country and across the world

Key Takeaways:

  • Roundup is a weed killer that’s used extensively around the world, particularly in the US.
  • It’s been proven that being exposed to Roundup has carcinogenic effects.
  • Know where your produce is coming from
  • The benefits of eating organically and sourcing from spray-free farms:
  • The quality of vegetables is so much higher
  • You avoid consuming herbicides and pesticides on your food
  • You avoid contributing to the negative impacts of products being shipped all over the country and across the world

Action Steps:

  • Eat organically.
  • Source your produce locally from spray-free farms.
  • Explore farmers markets.
  • Grow your own vegetables.

Leanne said:

“Open your eyes a little bit to where your produce is coming from. Is it organic? Is it from a spray-free farm? What kind of journey has it had to get to you? Has it been around the world? And once to start paying attention to this stuff, you become really tuned into it.”

“Educate yourself a little bit on what Roundup is and how that might affect you… See if you can start making some changes. It matters to health… it matters, obviously, that you don’t come into contact with carcinogenic products.”

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